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All masonry in Chicago will need some attention from professional masonry contractors at some point. Master Brick Restoration Inc. is ready with fully trained and experienced tuckpointing contractors in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

We can make sure your residential or commercial structure is intact with our most thorough and precise brickworks in Chicago. We specialize in keeping your bricks looking and functioning their best with tuckpointing that is second to none. Whether it’s a chimney repair in Chicago or waterproofing in a suburb, Master Brick Restoration Inc. has every solution to maintain your home or commercial property.

Make the call to Master Brick Restoration Inc. for the highest standard of quality tuckpointing, waterproofing, general masonry, and concrete repair in Chicago. Our seasoned professional masonry contractors will be happy to help. Schedule a free consultation and estimate today.

What Master Brick Restoration Inc.
Masonry Contractors in Chicago can do for You

Master Brick Restoration Inc. is a full-service brickwork company offering professional masonry in Chicago for both residential and commercial projects. We strive to provide the highest level of service and quality workmanship at the best possible price on every project.

For a free estimate, call Master Brick Restoration Inc. today.


Experienced Professionals for Repair Work on Masonry in Chicago

Our team of masonry contractors in Chicago can work with any masonry issue to repair your structure. Worn out, damaged, or crumbling brickworks in Chicago are renewed with Master Brick Restoration’s masonry repair specialists. We will make sure to match your existing brick color, size, and texture so the only noticeable difference will be that your brickwork is no longer in need of repair.


Expert Masonry Restoration
Services in Chicago

Restoring the beauty to an old building can be difficult without the expertise of Master Brick Restoration Inc. masonry contractors in Chicago. Our very specialized team of masonry restoration experts can plan the best course of action while working with you, along with building engineers and architects, to provide the best possible restorative workmanship to beautify your building back to its original glory.


Keep Your Building Structure Sound with Waterproofing in Chicago

Making sure your residential or commercial building is structurally sound to handle water will keep both the outside and the inside in great shape. When searching for waterproofing companies in Chicago, look no further than Master Brick Restoration Inc. We stop water penetration in its tracks, saving your home or office building from unnecessary degradation and saving you large repair expenses down the road.


Our Service for Waterproofing in Chicago Includes Caulking and Sealing

We don’t stop at brickworks when it comes to waterproofing. Master Brick Restoration Inc. leads waterproofing companies in Chicago to provide full-service caulking and sealing too. Your building structure will be fully protected from water penetration so it can stand the test of time and the elements. Caulking and Sealing is a key component to ensuring a dry environment that is mold-free and that maintains the integrity of your building.


The Finest Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago and Surrounding Areas

You have found the right company that offers tuckpointing in Chicago with years of hands-on experience behind us. Master Brick Restoration Inc. will bring your brick and mortar back to life and looking perfect again. There is nothing like the appearance of brick, with its fine lines that can have a historical look or a modern flare. Our tuckpointing contractors in Chicago are experts in bringing out the beauty of bricks.

Call Us for Chimney Repair in Chicago

From the top of your chimney to the base of your fireplace, Master Brick Restoration Inc. can take care of your chimney repair with expert contractors. Whether it’s brick damage or wear and tear, our chimney repair specialists can restore your chimney, making it safe and useable once again. We can even provide our chimney tuckpointing in Chicago all the way down to your fireplace.


Superior Workmanship

Our tuckpointing contractors in Chicago have the experience that is harnessed on every job to provide the highest standard or work.

Price You Can Afford

This is brickwork in Chicago that comes at the best price possible. We make the art of masonry affordable for all.

Select Quality Materials

The tuckpointing and concrete repair we are able to do is in part thanks to the great quality of the tools and materials we use.

Free Estimate

Know before the work begins. We can provide you with a detailed free estimate so you understand exactly what the job requires.


Christopher F. Hawk

My mother is elderly and lives alone, she complained there were gaps in the windows causing a draft but I didn’t know what to do. Master Brick Restoration was very helpful to provide window caulking to seal the drafts.

Christopher F. Hawk


Richard A. Preece

My small office building had some damage to the bricks, so I called Master Brick Restoration for tuckpointing. I was very happy with the friendly tuckpointing contractors. They arrived quickly and did exactly what they said they would do.

Richard A. Preece


Steven B. Whitehead

When I called Master Brick Restoration for masonry contractors to fix a retaining wall, they were so welcoming and pleasant. They were able to repair my wall fast, as promised. When I have masonry that needs work, I’m calling them.

Steven B. Whitehead