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    Master Brick Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago, IL

    If your brickwork has suffered through damage within the mortar, quality tuckpointing contractors in Chicago can bring back the dependability and security of your bricks. Whether you have crumbling mortar, water damage has caused cracking, or there has been some other physical damage, Master Brick Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago can help. We can bring you high-quality tuckpointing in the Chicago area to completely restore your brickwork. We offer a thorough job with a high degree of attention to detail to perfectly blend newly applied mortar with your bricks for a beautiful finish. 

    Our tuckpointing contractors in Chicago offer a wide range of masonry services to ensure safety, security, and a great curb appeal for your property. So when you need specialized tuckpointing in Chicago, call Master Brick Tuckpointing Contractors, Chicago’s masonry and tuckpointing experts you can count on for the finest in brickwork.

    Most Asked Questions About Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

    Define tuckpointing in Chicago?

    Tuckpointing is a specialized finish done on brick walls to fix or improve the appearance of mortar joints without the use of actual bricks. This method started in the 1900s to hide asymmetry in individual bricks. This properly balances the brick color with a nice finish.

    Does tuckpointing in Chicago last long?

    Proper tuckpointing is designed to last for years or decades when done by professional tuckpointing contractors in Chicago. This effectively prevents water leaks and other common wall problems.

    Do you do mortar color matching?

    Master Brick Tuckpointing Contractors specializes in mortar color matching for residential and commercial structures in Chicago. Trust our repair work to seamlessly match your original masonry for a consistent style.

    Can tuckpointing in Chicago be done in any home?

    Tuckpointing is possible to be performed on any old or new brickwork without ruining the original design. It can also be done on any pre-painted building. 

    How often does a structure require tuckpointing in Chicago?

    Ideally, proper tuckpointing can last between 25 and 30 years. Otherwise, it is done on properties located in areas with wetter climates like Chicago. You may consult our tuckpointing contractors from Chicago for professional advice.

    When do I need to call my tuckpointing contractors in Chicago?

    Before you call your trusted tuckpointing contractors in the Chicago area, you can take a look at your brick wall and perform a personal inspection. If you find any signs of cracking or crumbling, this is the best time to get in touch with your contractors from the local area.

    What Exactly Is Tuckpointing Chicago, IL?

    Over time, brickworks wear down and require professional repair services, which we provide at Master Brick Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago. In general, mortars are the first component in masonry to depreciate. This is used to fill in and secure the joints between the bricks. Without proper mortar, your structure can collapse and lose its balance while exposing the inner portions of the bricks. 

    Leaving your masonry in this state can demolish the entire structure, requiring costly replacement work instead of a minor repair. To preserve the structural integrity of the building, prevent the damage from getting worse by contacting our expert tuckpointing contractors in Chicago for professional tuckpointing work. The process involves removing the bad mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar. This properly repairs your masonry without costing a fortune. At Master Brick Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago, we repair and replace various brick wall structures. Get in touch with us today!